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The Fancy Equipment in Gyms is Bogus
I will teach you how to work out at Home!

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Grisha todorov

"The Bionic Man"

 Before moving to America 25 years ago, the Bionic Man grew up poor in Bulgaria.  Despite having an insatiable appetite to stay fit, he couldn’t afford the luxury of modern equipment. By utilizing ordinary household items, Grisha made up his own workouts and was able to stay in shape without spending a dime. When COVID hit and gyms were closing, Grisha reverted back to his old Bulgarian ways and started working out unconventionally again. Now, through his videos, he can bring his method to everyone.

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  Because of his unconventional approach to fitness, the Bionic Man is often sought after for personal appearances... If you would like to book the Bionic Man for a television, radio, or podcast show, or if you would like to book a private lesson or join a class,  please fill out the contact information below and someone from the team will reach out.



Todd Lewis

"Bionic Manager"

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